Wind Up Emma

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Enhance gross and fine motor skills

Wind up Emma comes with a walking chicken and four keys.

This toy is specially designed to train the fine movements of fingers.

  • *Key 1 is for thumb and forefinger.
  • *Key 2 is for first three fingers and preparation for writing.
  • *Key 3 is for wrist and arm movements.
  • *Key 4 is for fine movements of first three fingers.

Select any one key and wind up Emma, put her into any one cover of the box and let her walk until she stops on an instruction picture printed.

Follow that instruction picture to perform the action.

Then change to the indicated key and wind her up with the requested number of twists. And the game continues.

Apart from intensive finger fine motor training through wind up exercise, the game also provides gross motor training and logical thinking.

Finger fine motor training improves writing skills and daily self-care abilities.

Emma Size: 6.7(W) x 7(H) x 6.7(D) cm

Includes: 1 Emma, 4 different keys

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