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Whether you are teaching students remotely, in your classroom or a mix of both, or teaching your child at home, we can help you to find the resources of any age and skill level!

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For Age below 6 or Pre-school


 More Downloadable Activities & Teacher Resources 

For Age 6-8

 Fun STEM for the family (Tools you need : Edison Robot)

For Age 8-12

Learn to code with EdScratch (Tools you need : Edison Robot)

For Age over 12

Deep-dive STEM projects (Tools you need : Edison Robot and knowledge of EdScratch)


20 Best Websites to Help Kids Learn From Home in 2021

  1. CoolMath4Kids — Practice Algebra With Fun Math Games and Tricky Puzzles
  2. Duolingo — Perfect for Improving Language Skills in Only 5 Minutes a Day
  3. PBS Kids — Encourage Learning With Popular Cartoon Characters
  4. GoNoodle — Fun Dance Routines That Incorporate Learning Through Movement
  5. National Geographic Kids — Investigate World Wonders From the Leading Geography Site
  6. TIME for Kids — Current Events (and More) Explained in Child-Friendly Language
  7. Cosmic Kids — Calm Young Minds With Themed Yoga Classes
  8. Funbrain — Fully Interactive Lessons to Keep Kids Occupied and Interested
  9. Scholastic Kids — Practice Reading and Understanding With Popular Book Characters
  10. Wonderopolis — Find Answers for Curious Minds That Always Ask Questions
  11. Science Bob — Science Made Fun Through Easy-to-Follow Experiments
  12. TED-Ed — Entertaining Videos That Stimulate Learning in Bite-Size Lessons
  13. Fuse School — Entertain Little Scientists With Lessons Created by Teachers
  14. Make Me Genius — Advanced Topics for Those Who Want to Enhance Their Learning
  15. NASA Kids — Explore the Wonders of Space From Your Own Home
  16. Exploratorium — Turn Your House Into a Laboratory With Hands-On Science Experiments
  17. Storynory — A Large Selection of Audio Stories to Improve Your Kids’ Reading
  18. Highlight Kids — Unleash Creativity Through Home Crafts and Games for Kids of All Ages
  19. Help My Kid Learn — Easy-to-Navigate Site With Simple but Effective Learning Tips
  20. ABCYa! — Great Learning Resources for Preschoolers and Teenagers




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