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Founder’s Story

I am a mother of two children. It may be because when the child was young, I am an educational consultant and extremely concerned about children's education issues.

When I noticed that one of the kids was a little different from the other, I started looking around for a solution. Since the Internet was not very developed back then, I had to look around for different books to read. From the initial need to see a speech therapist to the final diagnosis of ADHD and dyslexia, I have been looking around for ways to help my children face exams. As a caregiver, I am under a lot of pressure. It was not until I participated in some parent school courses hosted by the community center, and later took part in a gifted child test sponsored by an organization, that I found out that my child was a gifted child, so I breathed a sigh of relief. Then, I began to look for some books on training gifted children and tried to use different learning methods to help the children cope with schoolwork.

Now the child has finished college and is working in society! I am also very pleased that they have found a career they like and go to work happily every day.

In recent years, I have begun to learn how to care for my mother, who is in her eighties and suffering from Alzheimer's disease. It is hoped that educational toys can help delay the mother's symptoms of brain degeneration.

My Hope: Parents who pay more today will make their children happier in the future.


當我發現其中一個孩子,與另一個有點不同的時候,我便開始到處找尋解決方案。 鑑於當初互聯網不發達,只好四處找尋不同的書本去閱讀。由起初需要看言語治療師, 到最後確診 ADHD 讀寫障礙,都一直四處去找尋幫助孩子面對測驗考試的方法。作為照顧者的我,壓力如山大。直至參加了社區中心主辨的一些家長學校課程,及後來參加了某機構主辦的資優兒童測試,發現孩子屬於資優兒童,於是才舒一口氣。接著下來, 我便開始尋找一些訓練資優兒童的書籍, 嘗試使用不同的學習方法,幫助孩子應付學校的課業。



我希望: 今天的父母付出多一點,將來的孩子快樂多一點。

What kind of company we are.

We are a Hong Kong Company, opened in 2006 at Hong Kong. We have our own online stores and showrooms for customer to choose their ideal products. We sell different types and kinds of educational toys from all over the world. These educational toys included teaching aids and rehabilitation tools which are suitable to all age.

Our extremely high quality demanding who gains the deeply support of our customer. Our customers included the Hospital Authority, Government, social welfare organizations and the schools and kindergarten in Hong Kong.

On the other hand, we regularly provide workshops, training courses, lectures and activity services led by senior registered social workers to enhance personal potential, problem-solving skills, teamwork, emotional counseling, stress management, marriage and family counseling, etc. All social welfare sectors, groups, universities, middle schools, primary schools and kindergartens, individual families, parents and children, couples, and the elderly are welcome to participate. Companies can also organize their own classes or customize courses.

我們是一家香港公司,於 2006 年在香港成立。 我們擁有自己的網路商店和陳列室,供顧客選擇他們理想的產品。 我們銷售來自世界各地的不同類型和種類的益智玩具。 這些益智玩具包括適合各年齡層的教具和復健工具。

我們極高的品質要求得到了廣大客戶的大力支持。 我們的客戶包括醫院管理局、政府、社會福利機構以及香港的學校和幼兒園。


How we classify toys?

We will classify the toys depend on the intelligence helping and providing children. On the other hand, classification will also make according to the price, suitable age of the products. So that the parents can choose the toys according to the budget they have made to buy the gifts.

我們將根據幫助和提供兒童智力的程度對玩具進行分類。 另一方面,也會依照產品的價格、適合的年齡進行分類。 這樣家長就可以根據自己購買禮物的預算來選擇玩具。

Our Aims and goals.

We hope that everyone walking into our showrooms can have an extraordinary experience in shopping for educational toys. Just like our company name – ME100FUN, we wish to use toys to satisfy the educational needs from users(e.g. parents/therapists/teaching) and the learning needs of receivers(e.g. kids/patients/students). Wish all of you can learn and enjoy the fun when playing our toys.

Our goals :  Children learn from games, build more confidence, and become a responsible and happy person.

我們希望每個走進我們店舖的人,都能在購買益智玩具時獲得非凡的體驗。 正如我們的公司名稱——ME100FUN,我們希望用玩具來滿足使用者(例如家長/治療師/教學)的教育需求和接收者(例如孩子/患者/學生)的學習需求。 希望大家在用我們的玩具時能夠學習並享受樂趣。

我們的目標: 我們的目標: 孩子從遊戲中學習,建立多一點自信,成為一個有承擔和快樂的人


Mei Mei Shih
Founder of Me100fun

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