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SG427 帶狗狗去散步

  • Age 年齡

    Age 7-12

  • Description 內容

    · 你可以帶領可愛的小狗在公園安全地散步,不與其他小貓小狗碰撞嗎?

    · 依照挑戰咭上的指示,將小貓及樹擺放到遊戲板上(如沒展示,在答案中也不需要)。

    · 再將4隻小狗依照挑戰咭上的規則擺放到遊戲板上。其中三隻小狗必定是跟主人連在一起的,而每隻小狗一定不能擺放在另一隻小狗或小貓的前後左右。牽着小狗的繩必須要直及拉緊!

    · 內附一隻精美收納小布袋,方便隨身攜帶。


  • Can you let the dogs out?

    Can you keep your pets on a short leash and avoid trouble with the other dogs and cats? Use logic and deduction skills to position your dogs so they cannot start to fight and make sure not to get tangled up. Try to solve all 80 challenges, from easy to expert, but beware, it may not be a walk in the park.

  • Game board, 3 people with dogs on a leash, 1 sitting dog, 2 cats, 1 tree, booklet with challenges and solutions.


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