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Sensory Sand

Sensory sand is such a fun and satisfying activity for toddlers and older children. They can play all they want with very little mess for you to clean up. The sand sticks to itself and is easier than normal sand to keep contained in your play area - especially with numerous little hands in the mix. It’s the perfect consistency and texture for building sand castles, molding into shapes and building with. Children can dig, carve, scoop and tunnel with this kind of sand, and it never dries out. The sand comes in a 1 kg bulk bag and can be used for your sand tables, play sets, or art projects. It comes in a natural color and other color with imported plant pigments . If it’s not the right consistency, simply spritz it with water to improve its texture again. If you add too much water, simply leave it out for a while until it’s just right. Encourage your child’s creativity and imagination with this magic sand. It can also be used in sand therapy trays - with half the mess. Very fun, cool, and satisfying to play with!

Sand ingredients: quartz sand, silicone oil/edible glycerin , water, beeswax, imported plant pigments
沙子成份: 石英砂, 硅油/食用甘油, 水, 蜂蠟, 進口植物色素

  • SAND WITHOUT THE MESS: Sensory sand is super easy to shape, squeeze, cut and dig in without the harsh exfoliating effect of regular sand.
  • YOU CAN’T PUT IT DOWN: Soft and textured, this cool and squishy sand is always ready to be shaped. Highly sensory and completely satisfying to play with.
  • BETTER THAN REAL: The perfect modeling compound, play sand is easy to mold, cut, shape, and roll into just the shapes you want.
  • WON’T DRY OUT: Simply spray or mist with water if the consistency isn’t the way you want it. If it feels too wet, leave it out until it’s the texture you prefer.
  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: Toddlers, kids and adults alike love this magnetic sand. Soothing and de-stressing for all ages. Roll it, squeeze it, scoop it all you want, then squish it together and start over again.



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