The Egg Storage Bottle

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蛋蛋疊疊樂儲存罐The Egg Storage Bottle

Material: ABS
Packing: 23 * 13.1 * 18 cm
4 storage tank size specifications respectively 6 * 5.6 7.8 * 7.5 10.2 * 9.9 12.5 * 11.8 cm
4 color eggs storage bottle with four different sizes which can stack up to 14" tall. Each storage bottle have the hole for money saving and different name written at the back, i.e. : Save, Spend, Donate, Invest. Children will love the bird like appearance. All storage bottles can stack and combine into one. This is a 3D puzzle game for the small children to improve the visual and spatial intelligence, concentration and observation.
- For Age : 6M+
- Size 238*178*130mm
- with certificate of EN71 "

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