Reusable Click Heat Pocket warmer

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me-10550 可重用口袋取暖器


  • Self-heating, instant Heat Pack 
  • Can be used repeatedly. Reusable which means you can use this heating pad over and over
  • You can also use it to warm the eyes, relieve fatigue, and relieve the troubles of dysmenorrhea in girls!
  • Hot pack Resets in 7-10 minutes in hot boiling water
  • Two packs are included
  • Packing size: 11cm*11cm*4cm
  • The temperature is up to 55℃, it can last about 30 minutes.

1. Pinch the bag with one hand, hold the heating sheet in the bag with the thumb and index finger of the other hand, press it up and down a few times, the liquid in the bag immediately begins to turn into a solid and heat up
2. It's time to use when the liquid becomes solid, very warm, reusable hand warmer
3. To turn the hand warmer solid into a liquid, just put it in boiling water and heat it for 3-5 minutes, when it becomes a liquid, you can take it out for use again.


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