Stratego Fortress

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BW0034 奇謀奪堡桌遊

Your opponent’s threatening fortress looms before you. It’s now or never. The enemy flag lies hidden somewhere in this fortress.

But beware, your opponent has fashioned the fortress into a treacherous maze. The enemy lurks behind every wall and door.

You know the enemy has no mercy. But you also know you must press on. Because you have a clear goal; to conquer your opponent’s flag.

Stratego Fortress can be played in two versions; the introductory game with simple rules and a short game duration (around 20 minutes),

or the main version. The main version is a real challenge using all the playing pieces and all the obstacles (around 45 minutes).

Players are advised to try the introduction game a few times before starting on the main version.

Both players receive a fortress (a 3-D cross corner section of a castle) and everything they need to build a maze.

While in the end the maze you build must lead to your flag, it must be as difficult as possible to find.

But there is one important condition; it must be possible to reach your flag.

The players then enter their opponent’s fortress with a playing piece to search for their opponent’s flag.

The first player to capture his or her opponent’s flag in this manner is the winner.

Store: Family Games, 2-Player Games

Theme: Castles & Knights / Medieval

Genre: Bluffing / Outguessing

Format: Board Games. Time: 45 minutes

Ages: 8 and up

2 x plastic fortresses (red and blue)
2 x sets of three clear plastic grid floors for the fortresses (in three sizes)
2 x covers for the towers (red and blue)
2 x sets of 20 walls (red and blue)
2 x sets of three ladders (red and blue)
4 x red playing pieces with stickers (King, Knight, Wizard, Dwarf)
4 x blue playing pieces with stickers (King, Knight, Wizard, Dwarf)
2 x sets of card tiles (red and blue), each set comprising;
- 1 x flag, poison cup, King, duke, soldier, princess
- 2 x secret passage, 2 x pitfalls
1 x note pad, rules leaflet in Dutch and French, rules leaflet in English

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