Spectrangle Game

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BW0012 Spectrangle Game
Strategically place your game pieces (“trangs”) where they’ll earn you the most points and where they’ll make it harder for your opponents to place their pieces. The more sides you match, the more points you score. For 2-4 players.
How to play? 
Step 1: Each player takes 4 trangs(game pieces) from the bag, placing them on the table for all to see. Player 1 places a trang on the board (but not on a Bonus Space), scoring the face value of the trang. 
Step 2: The next player places one of his trangs on the board adjacent to the first player's trang. When this trang is placed, the side that touch must be the same color. 
Step 3: Players take turns placing their trangs next to trangs already on the board. All sides that touch must be the same color. 
Step 4: Each player's score is the face value of the trang times the number of matching sides times bonus points(if applicable). As players score points, they move their pegs around the score track. The player with the highest score wins!

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