Snap Circuits® Pro SC-500

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 SC500 Snap Circuits® Pro SC-500

Contains over 75 modular snap-together parts that will allow students to build over 500 projects in electronics. The full-color project book will make it a snap to construct projects related to transformers, relays, 7-segment LED displays, transistors, and diodes. Also learn series/parallel circuits, AM/FM radios, resistance, and capacitance.

Plus 73 bonus computer interfaced projects.


Build over 500 projects including:

  • FM Radio
  • Adjustable light control
  • Digital voice recorder
  • AC Generator

Contains over 75 parts including:

  • Recording Integrated Circuit
  • FM Module
  • Transformer
  • Analog Meter

Same as SC-500 plus 73 bonus computer interfaced projects.

The software in this product is not Mac-compatible, but you can find a similar Mac version at It will not match our manual exactly, but the differences are minor and it should be easy to understand. The software at this link is not related to Elenco® Electronics Inc. in any way; we do not support it or accept any responsibility for it.



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