Sand Pendulum

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Product Size : 39 X 16 x 14 cm

當科學與藝術結合在一起, 美麗的東西就會被創造出來了。

一個很有禪意的禮物, 給擺錐一個動力, 用它的尖在砂紙上面畫圖案,看看它是如何在沙盤上創造出各種舒緩的圖案,你會被它創造出來的圖案所迷住。仔細觀察, 你會發現不同角度會產生不同的圖形。工作之餘, 讓沙擺盪鞦韆, 當你看著它的時候, 你的頭腦會變得安靜, 心情會變得平和。

產品尺寸39 x 16 x 14 cm

When science and art are combined, beautiful things are created.

A very zen gift, give the pendulum cone a power, use its tip to draw patterns on the sandpaper and see how it creates all kinds of soothing patterns on the sand table, you will be mesmerized by the patterns it creates . If you look closely, you will find that different angles will produce different graphics. After work, let the sand swing on the swing, when you look at it, your mind will become quiet and your mood will become peaceful.

Product dimensions 39 x 16 x 14 cm

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