Roundabout Game

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This “roundabout” has nothing to do with traffic circles—it’s a mind-boggling logic game! Following the diagrams, can you connect the prescribed number of shaped pipes to make a complete circuit? It’s harder than it looks! There are four piece shapes, fashioned similarly to the letters I, L, S, and C. They all connect to make the diagramed circuits, but they’re not confined to one dimension. They might go up, down, over, or around! Sometimes they won’t even stand up for you until you’ve figured out the correct piece to bridge on top of them for stability. It forces you to think about things spatially, especially because there are numerous ways any given piece could fit. (This game was invented by a theoretical physicist; can’t you tell?). After you’ve mastered the puzzles, try the 10 bonus puzzles for an additional challenge.
Game includes 18 sturdy plastic pieces and a challenge book with 50 challenges.
Suitable for 8+ years

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