Ring Game Board Game

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Game Instruction

Arrange order with the fastest speed according to requirements on cards and press the bell.

Game Preparation

1.Put the bell and colorful rings on the middle of desk

2.Mix all the cards and put them back up on the side.

Game Start

Start from the youngest players. players open the first card according to game rule.

all players take action quickly according to requirements shown on cards, choose corresponding coloful rings from yours and buckle them together.

The player who finish firstly press the bell on the middle of desk, other players stop action,check the first players who finish whether the order of his colorful rings is right or not.

If his order is right, opened card should be put on a side,other players unlock their colorful rings, put them back to their side. game start again.

If his order is wrong,opened card cannot be used again and should be put on a side.

Continue game according to game rule, the game is over after all cards are taken.

Every players count their own game cards, the one who get most game cards wins the game.

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