Rainbow River Stone

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Description of products:
- Three sizes of stones including large, medium and small which are random nature and free style for different route designs in correspondence with various space and environment for more challenges of different age groups to play.
- Eash stone has 3 directional points which mark with the number of 1,2&3 respectively. It will change the difficulty of game when we pile 2 or 3 stones on top of each other in order or rotate the position of each to pile up.
- While playing on the game, please take off the shoes & socks that not only stimulate the nerve of feet sole to improve sensory development, but also increase game stability and safety.
- Help children to learn how to adapt to the environment from the game experiences.
- Improve self-confidence and reaction capacity through the challenges of the game.
- Stimulate the feet sole to lead the good development of the sense of body touch.
- Imrove the emotional stability and encourage the learning interest and concentration ability.
- Enhance the stimulation of the vestibule balance and promote the movement coordination and sense of balance.
- Active games for the whole body, improve the action plan ability and activate the muscle development.

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