Pop for sight words game

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Pop for sight words game 爆米花視覺單詞遊戲

Model No. : LER8430
Age : 6+
- Take a popcorn card and read the sight word. Watch out for the POP cards! Be the player with the most popcorn cards and win!
- Students will gobble up handfuls of fun as they recognize and read aloud sight words. Improves fluency as children pick word cards from the popcorn box, and keep all the words they can read correctly.
- Engages children with colorful popcorn graphics and competitive game play
- Includes 100 die–cut popcorn cards—92 sight words and 8 POP cards that put all your word cards back into the carton
- Supports a variety of early literacy activities, thanks to the word cards that can be used on their own
- Popcorn game box measures 3"L x 3"W x 6.25"H
- For 2 ~ 4 players
- Grades 1+

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