Playmat 4 in 1 Workshop ( Export Version)

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Playmat 4 合 1 木匠工具

  • - KID-FRIENDLY WOOD WORKSHOP – Thanks to the childproof construction of all the machines, there is no risk of injury. Skillful youngsters can produce their first work pieces as early their pre-school years.
  • - FOR YOUR YOUNG CARPENTER – The Playmat machines are similar to big machine tools (machine bed, slides, drilling table, etc.), thus the little carpenters can learn in a safe and playful way how industrial machines really work.
  • - IF YOU THINK IT, YOU CAN BUILD IT – From cars to dinosaurs to birdhouses, you will have all the tools necessary to bring your wildest imaginations to life using wood.
  • - FULLY OPERATIONAL – This wood-crafting workshop is developed for the youngest “Do-It-Yourselfers”. It’s kid safe, but adults use it too for easy-crafting with soft wood -creating doll-houses, crafting Christmas ornaments, gifts, etc. Easy to assemble, this 4-in-1 workshop contains a jigsaw with sander, drill-press, and wood lathe plus accessories.
  • - A CHILD-SAFE TOOLBOX – The short strokes allow for precise cutting, but the blade can only vibrate and does not injure the skin. A perfect tool for schools and workshops!

Package dimensions: 41 x 32 x 7.5 cm.

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