Plastic Tangram (15 tangams)

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15 tangrams per set in 5 colors

Tangram is an ancient Chinese brainteaser.

If we translate it in English it will mean “seven planks of mastery”. This brainteaser consists of seven flat figures,

which should be put in a certain way in order to get a more complex figure: an image of a man, an animal, a household object etc.

A figure which you will get in the end is usually given in a form of a silhouette or outline.

When solving this brainteaser you will have to follow the two conditions:

the first – you will need to use all 7 figures of Tangram, and the second – figures should not overlap one another.

  • - Develops understanding of geometric shapes and their relationship to each other. 
  • - Develops problem solving by matching skills. 
  • - Endless play possibilities 
  • - Packed in a plastic container with lock, dimension(mm) :192 x 150 x 72 
  • - Age 4+

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