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Picdoku - move over Sudoku - here is the picture version ! If you want to sharpen your thinking skills, Picdoku is the answer.
Picdoku can be played by one person or competitively by two individuals or two teams. All you have to do is fill every empty cell on the gameboards with the correct image - each of the images can only be used once in each column, row and 3x3 box. There is only one correct solution for each puzzle. If you need them there are a couple of hints to get you started in the tips and solutions booklet included and if you don't the puzzles increase in difficulty from level 1 to 5.
There are 60 re-usable games on 30 boards, 162 double sided re-usable tiles (geometric symbols on one side and animals on the other) and the tips and solutions booklet.
If you want to play Sudoku but are a little number blind, then Picdoku is a great way to play with pictures With 60 multilevel brain-teasing challenges it's great fun for the whole family. age 8+

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