Monkey Game

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Introduction: The game of practicing hand and eye coordination. The child needs to complete the game through visual judgment and hand control. This game can also cultivate the child's psychological quality. Maintaining a calm and focused attitude is necessary for the game .

How to play:

This game is suitable for one or two players.

1. First select the game venue, you can choose two venues with a certain distance, such as two tables, the distance can be determined by yourself.

2. Set all the monkeys on the same desktop.

3. The player holds the fishing wooden stick, so that the red beads will hang down naturally, then use the red beads to catch the monkeys one by one and transport them to another venue (desktop).

4, requires to complete the game as fast as possible.

5. When playing with two person, each person will catches a monkey of his color. The first arrival is the winner.

6. For the rules of the game, please refer to the instructions on the color box.

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