Mikado Game

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這是一個平面的天皇遊戲。 盡可能拿取最多的木塊, 而不令其他木塊移動便可勝出。
在遊戲開始前需要先將彈簧拉動,這樣就可以在壓夾內將所有木塊都放置在遊戲板上。 之後放開彈簧,使木塊牢固地推在一起。 然後,每人取走一個木塊,直到取完為止。
這款遊戲是用木頭和漂亮的手柄製成的。 特別是,所有顏色均專為兒童玩具和耐磨而設計。

Mikado Game
Players: 2 to 4
Age from: 6 Years
This is a horizontally Mikado game. Remove as many tiles, without that move with other stones or the spring at the beginning of the game, the slide is stretched so did all tiles can be placed on the game board before that. Then the slide is released again, making the stones be pushed firmly together. Then the other pieces will move pulled one at a time, without that.
The points in the game are distributed accor ding to the color of the tiles drawn.
content of the game:
1 game board, game pieces in the colors black (5 points), green (10 points) and yellow (20 points)
So , it's a very nice game, with which therefore the skill and dexterity of your child wants to be trained.
The game is made of wood and attractive handles. Specifically All colors are designed for children's toys and saliva resistant."

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