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Help kids hone their critical thinking skills even when you're on the go. The Mental Blox - On The Go set combines the boredom-fighting fun of a traditional travel activity set with the trusted educational challenges from the experts at Learning Resources. Contained within the sturdy, travel-friendly carrying case is a 16-piece puzzle ready to tease brains and challenge critical thinking skills during long flights or short road trips. Each set comes with a puzzle book filled with 10 different types of challenges, including games and activities designed for both one and multiple players-over 30 challenges in all targeting different skills and subjects. Some might require knowledge of math or number sequences, while others might lean more on problem solving and imaginative play. At the end of each play session, pieces pack neatly back into the three-piece carrying case, making even quick game sessions a snap to clean up.

**Portable puzzle set keeps kids thinking in the car or on the plane

**Ten different puzzle types challenge numerous skill sets, including math, problem solving, and imaginative play

**Includes games for one and multiple players

**Sturdy carrying case makes storage and cleanup simple even on the go

**Ages 5+

**Grades K+

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