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BW0440 功夫動物園

當深夜最後一個動物園員工下班後,動物園內的動物其實訓練有素、身懷絕技?! 玩家將會控制其中一個種族,用彈骰子的方式決一高下。當所有骰子掉進洞裡或四腳朝天便會出局。不同的種族有不同的招式,使出各種絕技令場上只剩下自己的種族吧!

When the last zoo employee gets off work in the middle of the night, the animals in the zoo are actually well-trained and equipped with stunts?! Players will control one of the races and use the way of playing dice. When all the dice fall into the hole or face up to the sky, they will be out. Different races have different moves, use all kinds of stunts so that only your race is left on the field!

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