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Number of players: 2-6 people  


  • Simplified Chinese instructions
  • 64 total of 8 creatures, 8 cards per creature

Suitable age: 8 years old or older Game

Duration: about 20 minutes  

This is a value added game which will give you a great time of fun.

How to play: Split deck of cards evenly between players. (don't worry if some players get more than others) One player starts by placing any card down on the table and ask the next player to believe the card is what the first player said. The player can guess the creature or pass to next player until the last. The last player must guess which creature is the card. Watch the card after guessing. The card will put in front of the player if the player guess wrong, or will place in front of the player who take out the card. The one with 8 different creature in front of him lose.

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