Jumpin' Squirrel game

Jumpin' Squirrel game

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Jumpin' Squirrel game
Funny arcade game, which consists of ""feeding"" the most squirrels acorns careful not to squirrel ran away. You put acorns in the tree where the squirrel sits, like a squirrel run away, it means that a fed. You lose.

Set includes
- 1 socket - grass
- One tree
- 1 squirrel
- 24 colored acorns

The game designed for 2-4 people. The game requires skill and builds napięcie.Jest easy to learn and fun.

set dimensions: Base of 37cm x 37 cm

One of the most effective ways to develop interpersonal skills in children is playing a different game with your loved ones. Board Games, Card and other expanding intelligence, the ability to effectively express yourself and share with other people your intentions and desire. Games are a great way of having fun together with family and friends. With such amusements children can spend more time with their parents.
Suitable for children aged 4 years and over. "

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