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SG026 傑克與魔豆

  • Age 年齡

    Age 3-6

  • Description 內容

    • 你能夠幫Jack從魔豆梯爬到雲塊中的堡壘嗎?
    • 將拼圖從魔豆梯的頂部從上一格一格地掉下魔豆梯。
    • 注意!當拼圖從魔豆梯掉下時,會翻倒數次,要留意一開始放拼圖入魔豆梯時的方向!
    • 當所需的拼圖被放到正確位置拼出與挑戰咭上的圖案一模一樣時,代表你已經找到正確答案。你可以把城堡及雲塊放到魔豆梯上,組成一幅完整的圖畫。
    • 另附有一本精美圖畫書,讓家長及小朋友一起享受講故事的時間。


  • Let the images drop… and climb to the top!

    Once upon a time…

    Discover the magic of the popular fairy tale with this dynamic 3D brain teaser for preschoolers. Can you help Jack climb up the beanstalk to the castle in the clouds? Can you drop the puzzle pieces down the beanstalk to match the image shown in the challenge? Watch out! The pieces will rotate as they fall down!

    Jack and the Beanstalk includes 60 challenges and also features a family-friendly picture book with a modern twist on the original story.

  • 10 double-sided puzzle pieces, ladder frame, castle, booklet with 60 challenges and solutions, picture book
  • What the
    Experts Say
    Playing Jack and the Beanstalk stimulates the following cognitive skills:
  • Try the on-line version FREE >https://smartgames.eu/jack/?lang=en


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