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    Age 7-12

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    · 旅行裝IQ智力遊戲系列,故名思義是挑戰你的IQ,考你的腦筋及邏輯思考力!

    · 利用白色圍牆為提示,將所有不同顏色的拼圖放在遊戲版上。注意:拼圖可以放在圍壁之間,但不能與圍牆重疊!

    · 共120個智力挑戰,設計方便攜帶外出,讓大人及小朋友可以隨時隨地一起動腦筋。

  • Think out of the Blox!

    In IQ-Blox the walls don’t block; instead they help you find solutions.

    Use the walls as guides as you fill the game board with colourful puzzle pieces.

    From easy to expert, IQ-Blox includes 120 challenges that are easy to set up ... but hard to put down! 

  • Inside the Box

    Compact game board with lid, 7 coloured puzzle pieces, 4 white walls, booklet with challenges and solutions 

  • What the Experts Say : Playing IQ Blox stimulates the following cognitive skills:

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