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302781 HABA - 購物遊戲

  • 推向市場。你們每個人都有一個包含四個產品的購物清單。但是,您在哪裡可以買到麵包卷,哪個市場賣奶酪?襪子要多少錢,還有草莓要買嗎?你可以用大筆錢買什麼?模具決定您下一步的購物地點。孩子們還可以輕鬆地用遊戲材料創造性地玩遊戲,嘗試許多有關購物的有趣的角色。
  • 促進邏輯思維,學習數字以及計數,排序,識別和區分顏色和形狀。單人遊戲或3位玩家。推薦給2歲以上的幼兒
  • 商品包括:1個市場攤位(盒子底部帶插入物,遊戲板和風景插入物的),8個小皇冠硬幣,4個大星硬幣,4個HABA遊戲貨幣票據,4個類別的16個產品圖塊,4個購物清單,1個模具,1個遊戲指令說明
  • 2歲及2歲以上孩子玩的遊戲-在一起玩時,即使是很小的孩子也很激動。尤其是當遊戲完全適合其需求和能力時。 HABA的《我的初場遊戲》擁有大量,易於操作且功能強大的遊戲資料和簡單的規則,同時可以適當地根據孩子的年齡提供適當的遊戲支持。
  • Bring to market. Each of you has a shopping list of four products. But where can you buy bread rolls and which market sells cheese? How much do the socks cost, and do I have to buy strawberries? What can you buy with a lot of money? The mold determines your next shopping location. Children can also easily use game materials to play games creatively, and try many interesting roles related to shopping.
  • Promote logical thinking, learn numbers and count, sort, identify and distinguish colors and shapes. Single player or 3 players. Recommended for children over 2 years old
  • Commodities include: 1 market stall (with inserts, game boards and landscape inserts at the bottom of the box), 8 small crown coins, 4 big star coins, 4 HABA game currency notes, 16 product pictures in 4 categories Blocks, 4 shopping lists, 1 mold, 1 game instruction description
  • Games for children 2 years and older-even very young children are excited when they play together. Especially when the game perfectly suits its needs and capabilities. HABA's "My First Game" has a large number of easy-to-operate and powerful game information and simple rules, and at the same time, it can provide appropriate game support according to the age of the child.

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