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G1260 創意積木組

本教具是針對幼兒園銜接小學的學童所研發,不但可以在動手組裝積木中,增強孩子的組裝、結構能力;更可激發好奇心,學習感知、知識、聯想、理解等智慧能力,現在讓孩子們在玩樂中學習,快樂的體會Fun Lab的魔力吧!

● 上課時間:1小時/堂課
● 40堂主題課程
● 內附組裝手冊(68頁、A4)
● 輔助教材與教案電子檔
● 幼兒園銜接小學課程(大班、小學低年級)
● 建議使用年齡: 7+

This teaching aid is developed for children from kindergarten to elementary school. It can not only enhance children's assembly and structure ability in the hands-on assembly of building blocks, but also stimulate curiosity, learn perception, knowledge, association, understanding and other intelligent abilities. Now let children Learn while having fun, and enjoy the magic of Fun Lab!

● Class time: 1 hour/class
● 40 themed courses
● Includes assembly manual (68 pages, A4)
● Electronic files of auxiliary teaching materials and teaching plans
● Kindergarten connects the primary school curriculum (large classes, lower grades of primary school)
● Recommended age: 7+

#This item is exclusive for the school or training , a longer order period and MOQ is required.

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