Excellent Wooden Series - Fruit Cultivation

Excellent Wooden Series - Fruit Cultivation

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#YM1047 優木種水果

Box measurement : 28 x 28.5 x 5 cm

excellent wooden fruit is a very appropriate games for early childhood development. Through the game, your baby can learn from top to bottom of front, back, left, coordinate location awareness, continuity of learning logical thinking patterns. The game can training baby basic of reasoning capacity, improve global and manpower integration of thinking and capacity, thus great of development left brain potential: game has simple to complex of multiple combination play, can by shallow to deep, constantly challenge, can training baby of continued concern force and achievements sense; game can baby independent for, also can in parents of boot Xia for, is a paragraph is good of parent-child game.

Board size: 23*23cm
material: MDF contains no plasticizer
1 magnetic plate, fruit patch 9, manual 1

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