Examination Chess

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me-10099 考試棋


因考試是現代人必經的階段和事實,我們便想想會否有小玩意,令遇上考試壓力的人,能以輕鬆的遊戲提升正能量面對考試,所以我們聯想到「棋」。因我們一直向小朋友推動閱讀, 多接觸實體書及物,玩桌上遊戲,棋類及卡GAME等,遠離電子產品及勿沉迷於網絡虛擬世界,所以我們家長與小朋友一同設計及製作了「考試棋」。


"Examination Chess" was created by 3 primary students in Hong Kong.

Examinations are one of the most important event in every stages of our life, what if we can create something fun and positive to relief the stress given by the the examinations? Reading, exploring are what we wanted to focus on teaching our children, board games, chess and card games can also take them away from the electronic devices. This is why we invented "Examination chess".

When encountered "Distracted Skeleton", player must move 2 steps backward, representing the anxiety of not knowing the answer of the question. Though, meeting "Princess Calm" can give you a chance to roll another dice. We believe this game can bring player a little resonance and encouragement to study.

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