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E6302 等量齊觀

Tree fruit pins, dots, and number cards must be grouped by the same value.

Learning goals

  • - Development of visual perception
  • - Symbol formation - Comprehension of constancy (different objects can indicate the same amounts)
  • - Comprehension of numbers 1
  • - 10 Contents
  • - 5 game boards
  • - 20 number and pie chart cards
  • - 55 chips in 5 colors
  • - 55 tree "fruit" pins in 5 colors 

How to play Begin by playing in rows and using only one number at a time.  

First, show the child how to place the correct amount of colored chips directly on the hollow circles.

Next, introduce the same number further by finding the same amount of pins for the tree, as well as the number card and corresponding pie chart card.

Allow the child to put these on the board. Encourage them to count and say the number out loud with each.

As children advance in their counting ability and comfort with the materials, they can also begin to play by going down each column adding 1 each time.

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