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G1167R 空間積木 (連示範卡)

CONTENT: 93 pcs per set

Cube x 72pcs [Rx18, Yx18, Gx12, Bx24]

6 Hole Cube x 16pcs [Rx4, Yx4, Gx4, Bx4]

Activity card x 5 pcs

FEATURES: ● Space Cube consists of cubes with one peg and cubes with 6 holes. ● Side measures 2cm. It is connectable on all sides and can rotate. ● Create a variety of 3D space design works and the plane variations, and understand the concept of numbers. ● Children can obtain sense of space, problem solving, symmetry, organization, logical thinking and creativity.

* Remark: It can make several game modes: A, B, C, D four kinds of space puzzle games.

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