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想知道你和他會心靈相通嗎? 想以直覺來挑戰和你相處很久的朋友和親人嗎? 試試這款遊戲吧!

Board and Card Games - Compatibility
Everyone Goes
One player rolls the dice and turns over the next TOPIC CARD and reads aloud the corresponding topic (according to the number on the dice).
All player sort through their pack of EXPRESSION CARDS and choose cards which best express their associations with the topic.
They rank the cards in order of preference,from strongest to weakest to weakest and place them face down in order of preference,
from strongest to weakest and place them face down in a line directly opposite their partner's cards.
The number of card each pair chooses is determined by the number on the space their token occupies on the game board.[so,on the first go,all players select 5 cards.]
The cards are revealed
Now,each pair reveals their cards. Cards which match and are in the same position are called DIRECT matches and score 3 points.
Cards which match,but are in different positions,are called INDIRECT matches and score 2 points.
Moving the token
Each pair adds up their total score and moves their token forward on the board one space for each point scored,Another topic is chosen and play repeats.
The first pair to reach the END SPACE on the game board with their token are the winners.

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