CitiBlocs 50-Piece Hot-Colored Building Blocks

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Citiblocs This set of 50 pieces of four-color blocks Each piece of brick is perfectly and accurately cut into 11.8cm long x 2.3cm wide x 0.8cm thick Packing size: 15*8*18.5cm Product Description 50 piece HOT colors building block set- with 5 different vibrant colors to add a little special to building fun. Colors include: red, orange, yellow, pink and natural (10 blocks of each color). Build towers, towns, castles and more! Building guide included. Building with Citiblocs is simple: stack one block on top of another. Made of eco-friendly pine wood, their specific size and shape and weight allows building that is simply not possible with other building toys. Build a small cabin by the lake or a tower that reaches the stars!

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