Chicken Cha Cha Cha Memory Game

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Chicken Cha Cha Cha game test players' image recognition and memory, belonging to the fitness game. The mechanisms used in the game include "memory", etc., which is quite suitable for family gatherings.

The local chicken Olympics is going to have the most exciting today. Any chicken that can surpass the opponent can pull out the hair on the opponent's buttocks and insert it on his butt. Whoever gets all the hair is Today's champion.

To win the game, you must correctly flip the same kennel card on the runway card to move forward and overtake the opponent. Those who are blind or forgetful, can only stay naked in the butt!

The plucking sports club is a super-fun memory game rated as five-star. It won the 1998 best game award, which not only enhances the flexibility of the mind, but also enhances the parent-child relationship. Interactive reaction and homosexuality!

Game age: 4 years old or older

The game contains:

  • Egg type track card (24 sheets, 12 groups of patterns, 2 per group)
  • Star anise chicken nest card (12 photos)
  • Chicken props (4, one each for gray, yellow, blue, and green)
  • Feather props (4, 1 each for red, yellow, blue, and green)

Number of players 2~4 people, ideal for 4 people

How to play:

1. Enclose 24 egg-shaped runway cards into a large circle similar to the playground track, where the same pattern should not be too close. In addition, 12 octagonal hen cards are placed face down in the center of the circle, players can't peek first

2. Each player chooses a cock representing their own color and places it on the egg track. The position to be placed is not limited to a specific pattern, but the number of egg-type runways between each player and its neighbors must be the same (11 players are separated by 2 players, 3 players are separated by 7 pieces, and 4 players are separated by 5 pieces) p>

3. The player with the youngest player is the starting player, and each player advances in a clockwise direction. Each player first opens a card from the hen card. If the pattern on the card is the same as the egg-type runway card in front of the cock (left), you can advance one frame and turn the card back. Then continue to turn the chicken card action until it stops before proceeding with the egg track card in front. If the pattern on the card is different from the egg-type track card in front of the cock (left), the card will be turned back, staying in place, and the player behind it (right) will proceed accordingly

4. Only one chicken can be stationed on each egg-type runway card. If the player's cock is occupied by other players' cocks, you must open one card from the hen card and compare the pattern in front of his cock. If the player's front number is occupied by other players' cocks, the turned hen card must be compared to the front position of the front cock. After flipping the card, if the pattern on the card is the same as the egg-shaped runway card in front of his cock, you can cross his chicken, pull out the hair on the chicken butt and insert it on his own chicken buttocks. At the same time, stop the chicken in front of his cock and continue to flip the card. If you reverse the pattern, you can move on until you get it wrong

5. When a player removes all the chicken feathers of other players, the game ends. The player who gets the most chicken feathers is the champion of the "Picking Games"

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