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Can You Spare Some Money?

LEARN MORE AND MORE AS YOU PLAY! Playing CASHFLOW® will train you to become wealthy and change your life forever. As you play you’ll learn about yourself, your financial style and how it matches up against your opponents. Sharpen your financial literacy and hone the concepts of investing and money making. Are you typically as saver? Try out aggressive investing Are you typically a risk taker? Maybe try steady growth. PLAY FASTER & BETTER. GUARANTEED 100% SATISFACTION. Test your personal finance skills and strategy. There are now so many new ways to win and electrify all players as they battle for financial supremacy!

Box Measurement: 25 x 25 x 7cm

For Age: 7+

2-6 players.

Players may enjoy and learn how to spend money wisely. It also improves their strategic thinking.

includes:  1 game board, 24 target cards, 60 regular coins, 10 lucky coins, 1 six game dollar bills , 1 bag and 1 set of rules.

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