Butterfly Slap English Spelling Game (New Version)

Butterfly Slap English Spelling Game (New Version)

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Do you want your child study himself? Would you like to play and study in the same time with your child in your worthy hour?
Playing board games brings fun and knowledge to learners of different ages and levels.
Enable the slow learners to enjoy learning without being nervous.
Upgrade a player with stronger foundation to be a leader.

Object : To collect the letters of the spelling word as fast as possible.
Suitable for : 2-4 players Age 3+
Measurement : 60cm X 37cm X 90cm
Playing method : Decide a spelling word and write it on a piece of paper. Shuffle the cards and distribute the card among the player. Each player turns the top card facing up in the middle of the table by turn. If the card is a letter of the spelling word, each player tries to slap on the card as fast as possible. The fastest player must keep the slapped card and the game ends when one player collects all the letters of the spelling word.

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