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《眾豆得金》是一款種植、交易和收割豆子的遊戲。與其他玩家交易豆子,然後種植在你的田裏,玩個不亦樂乎!在田裏種下越多豆子,便可收割到越多金幣。遊戲結束時擁有最多金幣的玩家勝[Game Introduction]

"All Beans Get Gold" is a game of planting, trading and harvesting beans. Trade beans with other players, and then plant them in your field, have fun! The more beans you plant in the field, the more gold coins you can harvest. The player with the most coins at the end of the game wins!

This game is a masterpiece released in 1997. The special thing is that you can't change the order of your hands at any time! You can only prevent being forced to harvest beans by trading with others. It is a classic masterpiece that tests your eloquence and plan.

[Accessories content]

 Beans 104 cards
5 land cards
Prompt cards 6
Manual 1
Size 9.5x 12.2 x 3cm出!



  •  豆子牌  104張
  •   土地牌 5張
  •   提示牌 6張
  •   說明書 1本

尺寸 9.5x 12.2 x 3cm

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