Blik Blok

Blik Blok

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maide-dimensional puzzle toy building blocks-small architect Blik Blok improved spatial thinking and problem solving skills. Depending on the card level of difficulty, builds the corresponding shape. 29 unbleached wood give you an extraordinary experience!

Won awards: 2010 Creative Child magazine's toy of the year award (Creative Child Magazine Strategy Game for Kids Game of the Year Award)

Games: the 29 different block shapes of solid wood and 100 game guide card (four levels, Orange: primary and yellow: Middle; Green: high; Red: expert level).

The rules of the game: the front of the card below the number tells you need building blocks and shapes, find the block you want, you can also challenge yourself without looking at tip below the front of the card, only under the 3D map find the block you want. After you finish according to the answers on the back of the card see if done right. Blue dashed lines on the back of the card building blocks moving in the direction, angle of the red dotted line indicates that the blocks should be placed.

Our unique: each card each graphic designer original idea. Paper cards all dust treated absolutely against babies inhale confetti during the game process possible.

26.8CM X 26.8CM X 6.8CM
wood color
weight: 1.3 KG
material: paper card/solid wood
for more than 1 person up to the age of 8 people games

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