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BW0035 出包魔法師桌遊

Abraca... what? is a family game of deduction

and spellcasting. On your turn, you try to cast one

of the spells you have in front of you — but it's harder than it looks because only the other players can see which spells are available to you! So with cunning wit, clever logic, and a little luck, you have to determine which spells to use against your competitors. Watch your magic words, though, because if you try to cast the wrong spell too often, you'll lose the game!

I played a prototype of Abraca... what? at Spielwarenmesse 2014, and it was great fun, turning Hanabi-style gameplay — with each player knowing the spells held only by everyone else — competitive, with you trying to deduce which spells you could cast in order to zap opposing wizards. Sometimes, though, the spells fizzle, and sometimes they blow up in your face, damaging you instead. Oh, the woes of being an old and forgetful mage...

The promotional image below gives you some sense of what the final components will look like, with a central game board helping you keep track of how many spells of which types still haven't been seen.

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