63MM PU Decompression Ball (6pcs)

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63mm PU海綿減壓球(6pcs)

me-10388 63MM PU Decompression Ball (6pcs)-Yellow EMOJI

me-10389 63MM PU Decompression Ball (6pcs)-Smile Face

me-10390 63MM PU Decompression Ball (6pcs)-Globe

Material : PU .The raw material of this product is polyurethane (PU), also known as foam sponge (solid), which meets European and American environmental standards. 此產品原料為聚氨脂(PU)亦稱發泡海綿(實心)符合歐美環保標準

Size : 63mm 


Please note: the edge of this PU Ball may not be smooth, please carefully consider before you buy

請注意: 此PU波邊緣或許不平滑, 請購買前慎重考慮

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