16GB iPEN + Go! Magic ABC (6Books)

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16GB點讀筆 + 去吧! 魔法ABC (6本書)

點讀筆一年保養 Reading pen have one year maintenance

6 Levels  24主題   100童詩童謠   1000單字,從認識自己至生活周遭,再擴展到社區及學校語文學習切合生活主題,培養孩子表達自己、描述周邊的人、事、物,以唸謠、詩歌、故事、遊戲,配合文字及圖像!

6 Levels 24 themes, 100 children's poems and 1,000 words of nursery rhymes, from understanding oneself to the surroundings of life, and then extending to communities and schools. Chinese language learning is in line with life themes, cultivating children to express themselves, describe the people, things and things around them, and recite rhymes, poems, Stories, games, with text and images!

建構孩子的基本能力;同時學習phonics 及sight words,

I PLAY so I am「玩」出概念、「玩」出智慧

聽說讀寫 一切從聲音開始
不論學習何程語言 必須要從聽開始
惟有大量的聲音輸入 才可使孩子掌握有足夠之音素

Child oriented. Provide active learning environment for the child.
Basic learning for young children is from "known" to "unknown"! "Basic Concepts of Early Education"
Construct children's basic abilities; learn phonics and sight words at the same time,
Let children master reading skills so that they can learn actively

I PLAY so I am "Play" to create concepts, "Play" to create wisdom
Children are naturally good at playing and love to play; only by learning from planned "play" can their learning ability be doubled!
A large amount of content is hidden in the book, and children use iPEN to search and discover, enhancing interactivity.
Comprehensive training of children's expression, thinking, logic and concentration abilities, taking into account the development of both left and right brains

Listening, speaking, reading and writing everything starts with sound
No matter what language you are learning, you must start by listening
Only with a large amount of sound input can children master enough phonemes.
Accumulate and learn more phrases and sentences
A large number of sounds all hidden in different themes and situations
Use songs, music, chants, conversations, pictures, and text to stimulate hearing development in an all-round way

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